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Diplomatic relations between the State of Qatar and Japan were established in 1972. These relations have focused on the economic aspect (trade and energy) since their establishment. However, they have started to diversify in recent years, ranging from politics, security, defense, investment, education, health, scientific and medical research, science &Technology development, tourism, infrastructure development, human resource development and training of cadres. The Japanese school was opened in Doha on May 2009 at the initiative of His Royal Highness the father Emir.

The political relations between the two countries have witnessed continuous development and have been reinforced by the desire and political will of the two countries' leadership. A series of bilateral summit meetings were held between His Highness the Emir (May Allah protect him) and the Japanese Prime Minister, as well as mutual visits at the highest levels.
The Qatar – Japan Joint Economic Committee was established in 2006 to discuss economic and energy issues. Annual ministerial meetings have been held in Tokyo, the eleven rounds have been held in 2017.

Japan is an important trading partner for Qatar as one of the largest importers of energy. The Japanese companies are our first customers in the export of LNG. Japan is still one of the largest and most important partners in this field. Qatar is ranked fourth in the world as the largest energy supplier in Japan.