Japan's economy is the third largest economy in the world in terms of GDP after the United States and China. The Japanese brands such as "Toyota," and "Sony" and "Panasonic," and others have  global reputation.

Japan drew global position by relying on heavy industry based on manufacturing of imported raw materials. It  is the first producer of iron and steel in the world and the third  in the petroleum refining, and the first car producer and contributes 40 percent to  global production of ships.

Japan is the third trading power in the world and Japan's trade balance records  a profit every year from the export of manufactured goods and Manufacturing is one of Japan's pillars of economic strength.

The use of robotics (robot) one of the most promising areas for future economic growth, in which Japanese technology leads the rest of the world. Japan comes in second place in the world after the United States in terms of power and industrial quality. Due to the sanctity of natural resources, Japan relies on the industrial sector as the engine and backbone  of the economy and the backbone of the real embodiment of the success and superiority of  Japan.

The electronics industry is considered  a Japan's specialization, and one of its superiority and continuous success symbols. Japan is the first producer of electronics in the world (televisions, video equipment and recording, and is also the first producer of robots in the world. As Japan occupies second place in the field of telecommunications, biotechnology and is witnessing continuous development in the areas of pharmaceutical and aerospace industries.