Travel Tips 

  • The importance of making sure you get entry visa to Japan in a  passport valid for at least 6 months.
  • There are limits to the amount that can be brought  by visitors from the pharmaceutical drugs, cosmetics and that include drug prescription from your doctor or without a doctor's prescription including  vitamins and minerals.
  • When you enter Japan you have to submit to the Office of the Customs a form: "Customs Declaration" of bags carried by hand or shipped as cargo.
  • Personal  belongings and bags shipped  for personal use are not subject to taxes within the specified financial limit by the authorities. If you have personal effects and bags, please take them into consideration together when referring  to the financial limit. Please, check the following link for more information:
  • Clothing and beautification and bathroom materials and other items for personal use in addition to professional tools that will be used during your stay in Japan  are subject to customs and / or tax if considered suitable in terms of quantity and if they are not for sale.
  • Ensuring the continued validity of the passport for the duration of residence in Japan.
  • "Visa for temporary visitor"  usually required as permission to stay in Japan for up to ninety days to do the activities which  do not result in financial compensation such as tourism and participation in sports or visiting relatives or inspection visit or participate in lectures or research, or to attend conferences, or to do communications work or similar activities.


 Places of Entertainment

  • Tokyo: It is the capital and is an  economic, cultural, and industrial center where  there are a lot of attractive places.
  • Kyoto: It is the capital of ancient Japan in the eighth century, and is renowned as political, economic and cultural center for almost  1100 years until  the functions of the capital were transferred to Tokyo in the mid-nineteenth century. There are many monuments and attractive tourist areas.
  • Mount Fuji: The highest mountain in Japan, with an elevation of 3,776 meters and is located in the south-eastern part of Yamanashi province  on  Shizuoka borders. Featuring wonderfully unique charm because of its conical shape and is universally known as a symbol of Japan.
  • The city of Sapporo in the northern island of Hokkaido: It is the largest city in Hokkaido island and is characterized by its natural beauty of trees and flowers, artwork and fountains.

  • Osaka city: Considered one of the most important cities of Japan and the second city in terms of population density after the capital Tokyo. Due to its proximity to the former capital of Japan, Kyoto, it rose to prominence as a symbol of the land and sea transport and commercial city.
  • Cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki: Since they were the first cities to fall under the nuclear bombing, visitors  of Japan kept coming to visit them, and walk around in front of the Dome of the atomic bomb in Hiroshima (Ganbaku Dome), which symbolizes the importance of peace and included in the World Cultural Heritage List, there is also the monument peace park.
  • Himeji City: It is in the southwestern Japan  and is one of the ancient cities and was classified as national treasure in 1931 and as a world cultural heritage in 1993.

  • Nagoya city: One of the most important cities of Japan and is renowned as a center of industry, as there are cars factories  and the symbol of the city  represented in Nagoya Castle was destroyed in World War II.

  • Okinawa: Located in the far south of Japan, due to its natural beauty and year-warm  warm weather, tourist make it a destination for rest and recreation. And was  renowned  in the past  as Ryukyu kingdom which was independent from the central government of Japan.


 The most important Gardens and Parks

  • Disneyland Park / Disney Sea theme park in Tokyo (Chiba): Internationally renowned and attracts millions of tourists from inside and outside Japan annually.. The park includes the world of Disney movies and exciting games and aesthetic scenes, also fantastic technical and technological aspects.
  • Sanrio Baouruland: An indoor theme park in Tana New Town, Tokyo, attracting more than 1.5 million visitors annually, and embracing musical plays, restaurants and various exciting sites.
  • Kidzania: Children's Cabaret "World of Children, children, for children" - allows children to do their favorite activities and find out the social system they enjoy.
  • Curracoian: Located in the center of the capital Tokyo, an area housing  a number of entertainment places such as Tokyo Dome, the Japanese pro baseball, and there is a disco for children and many restaurants and places of entertainment.
  • Electronic Okihabra area: Located  in the center of the capital, and e-city frequented by tourists to buy the latest equipment and technological equipment and gifts.
  • Weno shopping area: In it there is  one of the most popular markets and there are   many cheap  foods and expensive clothes places.
  • Urban Shibuya and Shinjuku: Located in the heart of the capital and they are  entertainment center for young people and there are many shopping, restaurants  and  amusement centers.