Important Phones

 Emergency Services

  • Police : 110
  • Maritime Emergency: 118
  • Ambulance, Fire Truck: 119
  • Assistance for Earth Quake: 171
  • Hotline for help (emergency advice in English 24 hours): 0120461997

Phone numbers of airports, airlines and transportation companies:

  • Qatar Airways (Tokyo) Office:  +81355013771

  • Qatar Airways (Narita Airport):  +81476303120
  • Qatar Airways (Kansai Airport): +81724568095

  • Narita International Airport (inquiries): +81476348000

  • Haneda International Airport (inquiries):  +81357578111

Phone numbers for some useful services in Japan

  • Check the status of the busy phones.  : 114
  • Telegraph Service: 115
  • Time: 117
  • To obtain information on an incoming call: 136
  • Weather Forecasts: 177


Public Phone Services

  • Telephone company NTT in Japan: 100
  • Technical malfunctions to landlines NTT: 113
  • customer service of phone company NTT: 116


Emergency instructions for citizens

In case of emergency, please call the Embassy at:  03-5475-0622

In case of emergency (accidents, thefts, and other emergency) the embassy is the first point of contact. In the case that you lost your passport, please contact the embassy immediately (always carry a copy of your passport within your luggage and disconnect it from your other documents and keep it at home, in anticipation of the possible loss or stealing  of luggage). You also need to report any incident to the local police for advice on emergency cases such as theft, accidents and other emergencies.

Natural Disasters

In case of natural disasters, please first follow the instructions of local authorities and follow-up  the media (television, smart phones) to get the necessary instructions to ensure your safety. Please also contact the Embassy to confirm your safety and get tips and services available, such as the evacuation in critical situations.