No.. and must obtain a visa in advance from the Japanese Embassy in Doha.

see the Japanese site of the National Authority for Tourism at the following link:

You must follow the guidelines issued by the local authorities and follow-up the media (television, smart phones) to obtain the necessary information and tips to ensure your safety. Please also contact the Embassy to confirm your safety and get tips and services available, such as the evacuation in critical situations.

You must contact the embassy immediately and report to the police.

No,  you cannot drive with a Qatari or international driving license issued by the State of Qatar.

The following locations on the Internet is very useful to get information about studying in Japan:

A comprehensive guide for studying in Japan:

It is better to learn basic phrases in Japanese to enjoy living in Japan. As for the academic life, the number of universities that offer courses in English is on the rise, and you can see the following link for more information:
A list of universities from which you can get a certificate and the language of instructions is English  :