Do and Don't

  • Always Keep your passport with you because it represents an official document of identification.
  • Be sure to carry enough cash in foreign currencies (the dollar, yen, euro) for emergency cases, because the opening of bank accounts in Japan takes about three weeks. We note that it is very difficult to find places to exchange Qatari Riyal in Japan.
  • Be sure to have the full address of the hotel or destination written in Japanese, in order to ask for help in the case that you have lost the address.
  • Don't use mobile phones on public transport and hospitals.
  • The idea of gratuity (tips) is usually not acceptable in Japan.
  • Driving and walking are always on the LEFT, and use the left side in escalators and elevators.
  • Don't take photos in places not allowed.
  • In traditional Japanese restaurants, you have to take off shoes at the entrance and sit on the ground on a low table.